(As Shown by Wedding Bags)

1. Blogs Generate Traffic

Traffic. You hate it on the road, but love it on your website. According to Hubspot, an inbound marketing resource, generating traffic and leads are a company’s biggest marketing challenge. Good news, blogs are a quick fix for this! Blogs should be the centerpiece of your marketing strategy; they drive search traffic, and traffic = customers. You pick up all sorts of topics for SEO because you can talk about more things. For example, if you just got engaged in November or December and you search, “creative ways to announce holiday engagement,” Wedding Bags’ blog post is the third result on the main page. You’ll get some ideas, and you might just order a mug that says, “Does this Ring Make Me Look Engaged?”

Screenshot 2017-05-25 16.14.21

2. Blogs Last Forever

We wrote this post in November, and it still shows up in May…kind of like those embarrassing Facebook pics your friends posted in 2009 that still show up in 2017.

3. Blogs Can Be Recycled

It’s not one and done. Just like that sweater you wore last December, we can share this blog post next year and no one will ever know it was a repeat.

4. Blogs Give You a Voice

With creative subtitles and headings like “Have Yourself a Married Little Christmas” and “Pop The Bubbly, I’m Getting a Hubby,” you can make your brand’s voice shine. You may not be in love (no pun intended) with these phrases, but Wedding Bags’ customers will.

5. Blogs Give You Credibility 

Clearly, with these posts, Meghan and her employees are experts on all things wedding. Brides will trust her AND her products ($$), and they may share with their friends who are about to take a walk down the aisle, as well.

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