Thinking of starting your own business and ditching the nine to five crowd? You may be wondering what you’ve signed yourself up for. Don’t worry, as soon as you make the leap from bad coffee and micromanaging bosses, to gourmet roasts and bosses who don’t care if you come in at 9 a.m. or 9 p.m., you’ll find out what you’ve been missing (other than health insurance). We’re here to tell you about the biggest differences between the corporate world and being out on your own.

Your Job Title and Description Change Daily
…If not hourly. You now do things that both an intern and a CEO do.

No Routine
No two days are alike. No more getting to the office at the same time everyday. You now consult your calendar to determine your wake-up time.

You no longer have the same dress code. Say goodbye to casual Fridays- everyday is jeans day (and sometimes sweats).

Breakfast Meetings
Instead of working lunches, you now have three breakfast meetings and coffees in one day.

No “Clock Watching”
No one cares whether you work 8 hours a day, because everyone works 12 hour days. At least you no longer have to ask the boss for a day off.

MacBooks Everywhere 
The startup world is like a giant advertisement for Apple.

You See Someone You Know Everywhere
Whether it’s at the gym, at the bar, or at the Apple store, your network has increased 10X over night.

You No Longer Have to Wait in Long Lines
…Because you can return things to the store at 10 a.m. on a Tuesday. And since you can go whenever you want,  you’ll never have to deal with not getting a treadmill at the gym.

Say Au Revoir to Your Unlimited Travel Budget
You’re now flying Frontier, and say so long to all-expenses-paid trainings, conferences, and dinners at The Capital Grille.

Start-up Stickers
You know those Macs that are everywhere? Nine times out of ten they are decorated with stickers from every startup in town.

Eventbrite Will Become Your Most Visited Page on the Internet
Along with LinkedIn, Facebook, and

Enterpernuer, Entrepreneur?
You still have to Google how to spell it, no longer how long it has been your occupation.

You’re Always on Your Phone
Before, you would get looks from the admin if you had you your phone out at work, now being on Facebook is literally your job.

You’re Way More In the Know About the Latest Apps and Platforms
Your family and friends will think you’re so cutting edge because you knew about Calendly before everyone else did.

Like going from a PC to a Mac, it may be a little different, but you’ll get used to it. We promise!






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